This Week in Hate: Regional trends of hate crimes 19 months post election

In the past month SAALT has documented eight incidents of hate violence and three incidents of xenophobic political rhetoric targeting Muslims, perceived Muslims, Indian, and Sikh Americans and their places of worship. Of the ten incidents of hate violence, five were verbal/written threats, one physical assault, and four cases of property damage. Since the 2016 presidential election on November 8, 2016, SAALT has documented a total of 381 incidents of hate violence and xenophobic political rhetoric targeting our communities (see Figure 1).

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  • On June 12, 2018 in Jersey City, New Jersey, a man harassed a group of Muslim high school seniors calling them “traitors to the country.”
  • On May 26, 2018, a Columbia, Missouri man, who identified himself as a “former” Nazi, threw objects out of his car in the direction of a Muslim woman who was driving along beside him. He then shouted “are you a freaking Islamic,” referring to her hijab and mocked the Muslim greeting of peace “as-salaamu alaykum”.
  • On June 17, 2018, a Denver landlord, Katina Gatchis, refused to sublet a vacant restaurant space to Rashad Khan, a Bengali Muslim restaurateur. Cell phone audio recordings between the current tenant, Craig Caldwell, and Gatchis reveal her discrimination, “So if I get anybody, as long as it’s not a Muslim, I would be okay?” Caldwell asks. “Yes, No Muslims, especially this guy,” says the other person, in the recording. “(I need a) good American person, like you and me.”
  • Esha Rajendran of Austin, Texas, who identifies as Indian American, found multiple Islamophobic and anti-immigrant fliers on her car on June 4, 2018.
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A national social justice org working on policy analysis/advocacy on issues affecting the South Asian community: immigration, post 9/11 backlash.

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